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Created January 8, 2019 15:14
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Creating SQL Server Alias based on a hash table with iteration
$ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias.Keys | ForEach-Object -Process {
SqlAlias $ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias[$_].Name
Name = $ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias[$_].Name
ServerName = $ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias[$_].ServerName
Protocol = $ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias[$_].Protocol
UseDynamicTcpPort = $ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias[$_].UseDynamicTcpPort
TcpPort = $ConfigurationData.NonNodeData.SqlServerAlias[$_].TcpPort
Ensure = 'Present'
PsDscRunAsCredential = $SpSetupAccount
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