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GigPress > Add an end date to the event schema markup.
* Description: Add an end date to the event schema markup.
* Usage: Paste the below snippet into your active (child) theme's functions.php file
* Plugin: GigPress
* Author: Andras Guseo
* Last updated: 2021-07-21
add_filter( 'gigpress_show_json_ld_markup', 'gigpress_add_enddate_to_schema', 10, 2 );
function gigpress_add_enddate_to_schema( $show_markup, $showdata ) {
// Do if end date is not set
if ( empty( $show_markup['endDate'] ) ) {
// Grab the end date and make a DateTime object
// This will make it UTC timezone despite what the site timezone is
$end_date = new DateTime( $showdata['iso_end_date'] );
// Set the timezone to the site timezone
// This will also adjust the time as well
$end_date->setTimezone( wp_timezone() );
// Get the timezone offset between UTC (PHP timezone?) and site timezone
$tz_offset = timezone_offset_get( wp_timezone(), $end_date );
// Substract the timezone difference from the time
// This will 'reset' the time to the original with the appropriate time zone
date_sub( $end_date, date_interval_create_from_date_string( $tz_offset . ' seconds' ) );
// Add 1 hour to the end date
date_add( $end_date, date_interval_create_from_date_string('1 hour' ) );
// Format it
$end_date = date_format( $end_date, 'c' );
// Add it to the array
$show_markup['endDate'] = $end_date;
return $show_markup;
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