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Andrea Grandi's User Manual: learn how to work with me!

Andrea Grandi User Manual

This is my user manual. If we are working together (or planning to), please read it carefully. You will learn how to deal with me productively and avoid misunderstandings.

My style

  • I need to understand why I'm doing something
  • I love working as a part of a team, not as an individual
  • I love pair programming
  • I like to have a very basic working version first and iterate on it
  • I love to help

What I value

  • honesty
  • direct and straight communication
  • people who quickly get to the point
  • leading by example

What I don’t have patience for

  • process for the sake of process
  • long meetings where no actions are taken at the end
  • indirect feedback (heard from third parties)

How best to communicate with me

  • chat (public channel unless it's personal)
  • email is ok...ish
  • absolutely not by phone

How I make decisions

  1. I need some context first
  2. I understand the problem
  3. I draft some options and evaluate them
  4. I pick the one which is less complicated but at the same time doesn't prevent further improvements
  5. I iterate and improve the implemented solution

How to help me

  • give me cooking tips not ready meals! - I appreciate help and I don't hesitate asking for it when I need, but whenever I do I like to be given tips to unblock me not a ready solution or someone else doing the task for me.
  • offer me to do pair programming

What people misunderstand about me


Random things I like

  • dogs (especially Basset Hounds)
  • music (listening to and playing acoustic guitar, bass guitar and analogic synths)
  • cooking
  • photography
  • learning new cool things

Random things I dislike

  • warm beer
  • Italian food blasphemy (like putting pineapple on pizza, "fettucine Alfredo", etc... 😜 )
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