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Questrade Hackathon 🐱‍💻

Questrade Logo

The Event

Hackathons are high-energy, creative marathons that serve as a playground for innovation and collaboration, and often result in exciting projects that are a joy to deliver. That’s why we’re excited to announce the first virtual Questrade Hackathon - a virtual hackathon for everyone willing to participate.

The main goal of this hackathon is that you get to know Questrade better and we get to know you! As much fun as in-person hackathons are, we’re also big fans of virtual ones that are global in scope and inclusive of all skill levels. If you’re a developer looking to sharpen your skills, network with like-minded individuals, and craft something extraordinary, the Questrade Hackathon should be on your list. Thanks for participating!

In this hackathon, participants will have the chance to build apps using technologies like Microsoft .NET, Node JS, Angular, React, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), SQL Databases and more. Each submitted app will have a chance to win exciting prizes.

We're excited to share what the hackathon winners will get

  • 🥇 1st place: 1 (um) iPhone 14 Pro 256GB
  • 🥈 2nd place: 1 (um) Notebook Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2
  • 🥉 3rd place: 1 (uma) Gamer Chair Professional ThunderX3
  • 🎖 4th place: 1 (um cartão pré-pago com crédito no valor de) R$ 2000
  • 🎖 5th to 14th place: 1 (um) Questrade Kit

Jobs @ Questrade?

Interested in working with us? This journey doesn’t have to end. It's just the beggining 😃 Get to know us better visiting our careers page to continue building awesoming things with us. Work with like-minded people, in a challenge environment and explore our open positions!

The Challenge

Develop an online platform (preferrably microservice-based) that allows users to apply for loans and receive instant decisions based on their credit score. The platform can include features (but not limited to) for managing loan applications, tracking payments, providing support to customers, user authentication, credit score checks, loan application forms and so on.

The platform should be built using a Twelve-factor application architecture and a backend built with either Microsoft .NET or Node.js. The frontend should be built using either Angular or React.

Working in Teams

Wanna work in teams? That's awesome! Make sure your team has different profiles so everyone can participate in the challenge.

Here are some possible roles and responsibilities for each profile:

Full Stack Engineer: responsible for building the backend microservices, designing and implementing the database schema, and integrating the microservices with the frontend.

Front-End Engineer: responsible for building the front-ends using Angular or React, and implementing the user interface and user experience of the platform. They should also ensure that the platform is accessible and easy to use for customers with different levels of digital literacy.

Backend Engineer: responsible for building the backend (microservices), designing and implementing the credit score checks and loan application forms, and integrating (if that's the case) with third-party credit score providers and payment gateways for example.

Mobile Engineer: responsible for building a mobile app that interfaces with the loan platform, using React Native, and implementing features such as push notifications and mobile-specific UI/UX elements.

You (your team) will be judged among other factors based on criteria such as functionality, scalability, code quality, and UI/UX.

Good luck to all participants! 🍀

This hackathon is an exciting community project and we look forward to meeting and learning from you! We’ll be watching all the action on Butter, our Discord, and GitHub. Please be sure to use #QuestradeHackathon so we can help spread the word and profile your work!

Let’s get hacking!

Please note, this hackathon is a Questrade contest and terms and conditions apply. You can find all applicable details on the contest website.

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