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if (event.message && event.message.text) {
text = event.message.text
if (text.toLowerCase().includes('recommend')) {
// Generate random user ID
var userId = uuid();
// Creates an array of the products from sample products/responses
var categories = Object.keys(recs.products);
var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * categories.length);
// Select a random category to respond with
var category = categories[randomNumber];
// Uses global activate function defined on line 9
var optimizelyVariation = optimizelyClient.activate('product_recs', userId);
// Gets response from sample response json given category + variation
var responseData = recs.products[category][optimizelyVariation];
var products = responseData.attachment.payload.elements;
// Adds generated user ID to products for tracking if user clicks to buy
optimizelyVariation === "single_project" ? helpers.addUserId(userId, products) : helpers.addUserIdSingleProd(userId, products);
// Sends chatbot response
sendGenericMessage(sender, responseData);
if (event.postback) {
// Fired when user clicks "Buy Now"
var payloadResponse = JSON.parse(event.postback.payload);
// Grabs userID from payload
var userId = payloadResponse.user;
// Builds receipt
var receipt = helpers.buildReceipt(payloadResponse);
// Track event to Optimizely
optlyClient.track('purchased', userId, {}, {revenue:receipt.attachment.payload.summary.total_cost * 100});
// Send receipt
sendGenericMessage(sender, receipt);
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