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Created May 10, 2018 11:04
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EPIC Support System

As an user, there are moments where I need support for an administrator of the platform. Most of the deployments resolve this by two ways:

  • A contact email
  • A contact form on an external system

The problem is that all this requests for information will be outside the platform, and there are some questions that could be answer by the community itself or that they were already asked (and answered).

The solution proposed would have a dynamic similar to questions-and-answers (Q&A) websites, like StackOverflow, but for the moment we don't want to have votes. The module name could be "decidim-support".

The flow could be:

  • As an User (registered or not) I go to the form.
  • When I fill it, it search for similar questions
  • If there isn't any other that's the same or similar, I can send the form. This form should have a checkbox to marc if there is some kind of personal data on the request (like an email, fullname, etc)
  • The form goes to a private screen, called "Support Inbox" where Users with these permissions have the possibility to mark it as:
    • Public
    • Private (on cases where are some Personal data)
  • By default the issue will have an status "Open". When the support staff answer the question then it'll have status "Answered". The users then can leave a rating on the answer or reply with anyother related doubt that could have.

The system needs to be integrated with external systems (like on a City Hall, maybe they have these kind of Q&A centralized). On these cases, the integration would be by using a API REST (ideally) or with emails as a minimum:

It should use mail heavily:

  1. When I send the form
  2. Every time the request is answered or there is a comment

Possible future developments:

  • To have the possibility to link to other solutions (as it was already answered) or by having templates on the answer form
  • To have a button to migrate the request to Metadecidim (ie as bug report or feature request)
  • Followable? Shareable? etc... (is a Resource?)
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