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Andrew Nesbitt andrew

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Top IPFS collab dependencies

Dependencies that appear more than once in all collab package.json's that require at least one IPFS/IPLD/Libp2p package.

Also see

package collab usage PL org
chai 52
ipfs 47 ipfs
mocha 45
repo version manifest file
ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-companion 0.40.0 package.json
ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-webui 0.40.0 package.json
ipld/js-ipld-graph-builder ^0.32.3 package.json
ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-share-files ^0.33.1 package.json
ipfs/benchmarks ^0.34.0 tests/package.json
ipfs-shipyard/ipld-explorer ^0.34.4 package.json
ipfs/js-datastore-s3 ^0.39.0 examples/full-s3-repo/package.json
ipfs-shipyard/js-idm-wallet git:// package.json

File system package managers


There are general four approaches to the implementation of package manager seen in popular usage:

  • File System Based
  • Database Based
  • and two git based ones:
    • Portable Registries


$ sysctl hw.physicalcpu hw.logicalcpu
hw.physicalcpu: 4
hw.logicalcpu: 8

go-ipfs 0.4.21

View sizes.csv
1k 11019
2k 54
4k 354
8k 1033
16k 1227
32k 1366
64k 1223
128k 1250
256k 1243
512k 911
View # IPFS Camp Package Manager Deep

IPFS Camp Package Manager Deep Dive

Package Managers: What Now, What Next?

Community evaluation and ideation session to recap the current (as of late June) state of the IPFS-enabled package manager landscape, discuss happiness and pain points, and do some ideation/co-creation around the direction of our next rounds of package manager efforts.

Existing materials

  • Fundamental package management concepts
  • Problems with package managers

File system based


Mirroring these registries into MFS and adding the root CID to dnslink/ipns then rsyncing updates on a regular basis along with transport plugins like


  • Performance of adding/update large registries to MFS takes many hours, causing mirrors to lag behind the source
  • updating indexes files like Packages.gz in MFS isn't supported with the filestore
View hello.txt
I wonder if gist notifications show up in Octobox?
andrew / with_accepts.json
Last active May 9, 2019
curl -H "Accept: application/vnd.npm.install-v1+json; q=1.0, application/json; q=0.8, */*."
View with_accepts.json
"versions": {
"6.0.2": {
"name": "babel-plugin-syntax-object-rest-spread",
"version": "6.0.2",
"dependencies": {
"babel-runtime": "^6.0.2"
"directories": {},
"dist": {
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