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HTML template of the header for used to create a SharePoint 2013 Hosted App (SPH) Single Page App (SPA).
<div id="s4-titlerow" class="ms-dialogHidden" style="display:block;">
<div id="titleAreaBox" class="ms-noList ms-table ms-core-tableNoSpace">
<div id="titleAreaRow" class="ms-tableRow">
<div id="siteIcon" class="ms-tableCell ms-verticalAlignTop" style="width:180px;">
app logo goes here
<div class="ms-breadcrumb-box ms-tableCell ms-verticalAlignTop">
<div class="ms-breadcrumb-top">
<div class="ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox" style="display:none;">
<span id="DeltaBreadcrumbDropdown"></span>
<div class="ms-displayInline ms-core-navigation">
<div class="noindex ms-core-listMenu-horizontalBox">
<ul class="root ms-core-listMenu-root static">
<li class="static selected">
<a href="#" class="static selected menu-item ms-core-listMenu-item ms-displayInline ms-core-listMenu-selected ms-navedit-linkNode">selected link 1</a>
<li class="static">
<a href="#" class="static menu-item ms-core-listMenu-item ms-displayInline ms-navedit-linkNode">link 2</a>
<h1 id="pageTitle" class="ms-core-pageTitle">
<span>Page Title</span>

Thanks Andrew. By the way your PluralSight SharePoint AngularJS tutorial rocks.

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