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Nginx alpha batch cookie bug
* This works fine without the http2 directive. However, if the http2 directive is enabled, all cookies after
* the first cookie are lost.
* Working | listen: 443 ssl;
* Broken | listen: 443 ssl http2;
// Set three cookies
setcookie('EXAMPLE_COOKIE', 'Example Value');
setcookie('ANOTHER_EXAMPLE_COOKIE', 'Another example value');
setcookie('A_THIRD_EXAMPLE_COOKIE', 'A third example value');
// Print the cookies on the next request.
// HTTP2 Enabled: array(1) { ["EXAMPLE_COOKIE"]=> string(13) "Example Value" }
// HTTP2 Omitted: array(3) { ["EXAMPLE_COOKIE"]=> string(13) "Example Value" ["ANOTHER_EXAMPLE_COOKIE"]=> string(21) "Another example value" ["A_THIRD_EXAMPLE_COOKIE"]=> string(21) "A third example value" }

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andrewhowdencom commented Aug 18, 2015

Worked around by manually using
fastcgi_set_param HTTP_COOKIE $http_cookie

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