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Changing RPM Version and Release with rpmrebuild
yum install rpmrebuild -y
mkdir output
# If your RPMs do not contain all of the tags defined in this preamble
# then use the --change-spec-preamble flag to modify the preamble.
cat /usr/lib/rpmrebuild/rpmrebuild_rpmqf.src
# Change the RPM's release number to 2. Ignore Distribution and URL.
rpmrebuild -p --notest-install \
--directory=output \
--change-spec-preamble='sed -e "s/^Distribution:.*//"' \
--change-spec-preamble='sed -e "s/^URL:.*//"' \
--release=2 my-cool-package-1.1_SNAPSHOT-1.noarch.rpm
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