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Add Register Helper File Upload Field to Member's CSV Export
* Add the full URL of a file upload field to member export CSV.
* Adjust the 'my_image' value with the relevant Register Helper field key.
* You can add this code snippet to your WordPress site following this guide -
// Add a custom column to the CSV export.
function my_pmpro_members_list_csv_extra_columns ( $columns ) {
$columns["uploaded"] = "my_pmpro_members_list_uploaded";
return $columns;
add_filter( 'pmpro_members_list_csv_extra_columns', 'my_pmpro_members_list_csv_extra_columns', 10 );
// Callback to get the value.
function my_pmpro_members_list_uploaded ( $user ) {
$uploaded_value = get_user_meta( $user->ID, 'my_image', true ); // change 'my_image' to the file upload field meta key from Register Helper
if ( is_array( $uploaded_value ) ) {
$uploaded_value = $uploaded_value['fullurl'];
return $uploaded_value;
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