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Created January 28, 2020 16:26
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GCP HTTP Cloud Function to handle github webhook events.
Some code stolen from here:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import hmac
import json
import datetime
import logging
import os
from ipaddress import ip_address, ip_network
import pandas as pd
import requests
def validate_request_ip(request):
"""Function to validate that request comes from a known github ip"""
# get ip of request
request_ip_address = ip_address(u'{}'.format(request.access_route[0]))
# get whitelist of valid ip's from github
github_ip_whitelist = requests.get('').json()['hooks']
# check if ip is a valid one from github
for valid_ip in github_ip_whitelist:
if request_ip_address in ip_network(valid_ip):
error_msg = 'IP {} not allowed.'.format(request_ip_address)
raise ValueError(error_msg)
def validate_request_signature(request):
"""Validate that request signature and function signature match"""
# get signature from header
sha_name, request_signature = request.headers.get('X-Hub-Signature').split('=')
# create matching signature
function_signature =
str.encode(os.environ.get('GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET', 'Specified environment variable is not set.')),,
# check if signatures match
if str(request_signature) != str(function_signature):
error_msg = 'Signatures do not match.'
raise ValueError(error_msg)
def validate_event_type(event_type):
"""Function to error out if event type is of a type not yet implemented for handling by this function"""
if event_type not in ['star', 'watch', 'fork']:
error_msg = f"Event Type '{event_type}' not yet implemented by this function."
raise NotImplementedError()
def github_event(request):
"""Function to handle incoming event from github webhook and save event data to BigQuery."""
# validate request ip
# validate request signature
# request_timestamp
request_timestamp = str(
# github_request_type
github_event_type = request.headers.get('X-GitHub-Event')
# get relevant env vars
gcp_project_id = os.environ.get('GCP_PROJECT_NAME')
bq_dataset_name = os.environ.get('BQ_DATASET_NAME')
bq_table_name = os.environ.get('BQ_TABLE_NAME')
bq_if_exists = os.environ.get('BQ_IF_EXISTS')
bq_table_suffix = request_timestamp.replace('-', '')[0:8]
# get json from request
request_json = request.get_json()
# create response body
response_body = {
"request_method": str(request.method),
"timestamp": request_timestamp,
"event_type": github_event_type,
"action": request_json.get("action", github_event_type),
"starred_at": request_json.get("starred_at", ""),
"repository_full_name": request_json.get("repository")["full_name"],
"sender_username": request_json.get("sender")["login"]
# build response
response = {
"statusCode": 200,
"body": response_body
# logging response
# make pandas df
data = [response_body['timestamp'], response_body['repository_full_name'], response_body['event_type'],
response_body['action'], response_body['sender_username']]
columns = ['timestamp', 'repo', 'event_type', 'action', 'username']
df = pd.DataFrame(data=[data], columns=columns)
# display df.head() in logs
# save to big query
project_id=gcp_project_id, if_exists=bq_if_exists
return json.dumps(response, indent=4)
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