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Last active December 11, 2017 17:44
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Electronics kit


For a basic no-UI Radiodan you probably want:

  • microSD cards

  • some way of writing the microSD cards

  • Raspberry Pi 3

  • Micro USB (data + power)

  • PhatDAC or a good USB sound card

  • Powered speaker

  • 3.5mm lead

  • Power supply (I just use any 2.1A USB adapter I have lying around and it works well)

  • Ethernet patch cable

  • USB ethernet adapter

  • Pi Zero W for smaller projects

For the PhatDAC:

Other audio stuff

USB Microphone for voice or recording

I think USB is good as it's plug-and-play and doesn't use up any GPIO pins

Physical UI prototyping - inputs

UI outputs

Misc useful tools

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