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andrewteg / query.php
Last active Oct 8, 2019
MS4W Version 4.0 Query From .MAP File Sample
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<html><head><title>query sample</title></head><body><PRE>
include("C:/ms4w/apps/phpmapscriptng-swig/include/mapscript.php"); // required SWIG include (contains constants for PHP7)
// sample filter strings to search on... OFFICIAL_N is name of field in Attribute Table for Layer
$filter_string = '("[OFFICIAL_N]" == "Gallery")'; //exact (use ==) - case-sensitive
$filter_string = '("[OFFICIAL_N]" ~* "^ga.*")'; //starts Ga (^ for starting) not case-sensitive
$filter_string = '("[OFFICIAL_N]" ~* ".*GA.*")'; //like Ga (.* maybe not needed?!?) not case-sensitive
$map = new mapObj("/ms4w/maps/");
andrewteg / pmpro-register-helper-fields.php
Created Jul 1, 2016
A Paid Memberships Pro Register Helper Extension Example (pmpro-register-helper-fields)
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Plugin Name: Register Helper Example
Plugin URI:
Description: Register Helper Initialization Example
Version: .1
Author: Stranger Studios
Author URI:
//we have to put everything in a function called on init, so we are sure Register Helper is loaded