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using System;
namespace LearnEvents
// Defining delegate type (similar to System.EventHandler)
delegate void SomeHandler(object sender, EventArgs e);
class Person
// Field-like event declared using keyword 'event'
// allows only for "+=" and "-=" on a hidden instance
// of a delegate of the type SomeHandler.
// Removing 'event' makes this into a field holding
// instance of a delegate.
public event SomeHandler OnSickness;
public Person()
// Explicitly creating an instance of a delegate
SomeHandler sicknessHandler =
delegate (object sender, EventArgs e)
Console.WriteLine("Person: Vomiting...");
// Adding above defined instance to invocation list
OnSickness += sicknessHandler;
public void EatTerribleFood()
Console.WriteLine("Person: Eating terrible food...");
// Invocation of a sickness event
if (OnSickness != null)
OnSickness(this, null);
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var p = new Person();
// adding anonymous method by external to Person code
p.OnSickness += (sender, e) =>
{ Console.WriteLine("External: Calling doctor..."); };
// as long as 'event' was used in first line
// of the Person class. External code cannot invoke sickness.
// Lines below will compile just fine if you remove 'event'
p.OnSickness = (sender, e) =>
{ Console.WriteLine("External: Person feels happy..."); };
p.OnSickness(p, null);
// For neater design it is responsibility of internals
// of the Person class to know when to invoke the event
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