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3-second tapped song vs password

Back-of-napkin thoughts prompted by

3-second song clip, in taps

Say the typical song is 120 BPM.

( 120BPM / 60s = 2 beats per second) * 3 seconds = 6 beats (quarter-notes)

Biggest assumption is that 6 beats in 3 seconds @ sixteenth note resolution = 24 available notes of resolution

3 possible states per note: attack, sustain, rest.

3^24 = 282,429,536,481 possible combinations

12 case-sensitive alphanumeric characters

62 ^ 12 = 3,226,266,762,397,899,821,056 possible combinations

Passphrase has 11,423,262,604x more possibilities


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commented Aug 8, 2012

  • It occurs to me that you don't have a full 3 bits per note: one can't sustain after a rest
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