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@andyhuey /axstartup5
Last active Dec 15, 2015

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public void openAllProjects()
// get the project list, and open all projects.
Array projects;
int i;
ProjectNode sharedProjects, privateProjects, projectNode;
projects = this.getProjectList();
sharedProjects = Infolog.projectRootNode().AOTfindChild('Shared');
if (!sharedProjects)
throw error("Error: cannot locate shared project node!");
privateProjects = Infolog.projectRootNode().AOTfindChild('Private');
if (!privateProjects)
throw error("Error: cannot locate private project node!");
for (i=1; i <= projects.lastIndex(); i++)
projectNode = sharedProjects.AOTfindChild(projects.value(i));
if (!ProjectNode)
projectNode = privateProjects.AOTfindChild(projects.value(i));
if (projectNode)
warning(strFmt("Project %1 cannot be found.", projects.value(i)));
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