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Cache Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.)

Andy Klimczak andyklimczak

Cache Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.)
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Don't want to run seafile on port 80, so changing the port to 8000 requires changing some other settings.

Using this docker-compose.yml

    image: mariadb:10.11
    container_name: seafile-mysql
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=db_dev  # Requested, set the root's password of MySQL service.
andyklimczak / gist:6cffb26bf86611ccd86c41e0ec8b5765
Created September 8, 2023 21:37
How to access dokku postgres psql
dokku postgres:list
dokku postgres:info DBNAME
copy the DSN, something like postgres://postgres:password123@dokku-postgres-DBNAME:5432/db_name
dokku postgres:enter DBNAME
then inside the postgres container:
psql DSN
BUT CHANGE THE HOST NAME to localhost in DSN, so it should be something like postgres://postgres:password123@localhost:5432/db_name

ssh in (typically ubuntu digital ocean dokku marketplace image)

$ ssh host

Create user other than root to log in to with sudo and dokku groups

# adduser somename
# usermod -aG sudo somename
# usermod -aG dokku somename
andyklimczak / gist:ba8694dfeaffb3546e89ea5cb92040de
Last active May 22, 2023 12:46
Elixir Phoenix Cheatsheet

Add index to field:

create table(:posts) do
  add :rating, :integer

create index(:posts, [:rating])