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Created Oct 23, 2017
SQL Server Docker instance with full-text search (FTS)
# mssql-agent-fts-ha-tools
# Maintainers: Microsoft Corporation (LuisBosquez and twright-msft on GitHub)
# GitRepo:
# Base OS layer: Latest Ubuntu LTS + mssql-server-linux (SQL Server engine + tools)
FROM microsoft/mssql-server-linux
#Install curl since it is needed to get repo config
# Get official Microsoft repository configuration
RUN export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive && \
View tar fu
# Find all files in the last 45 mins, print them null separated and from that create an new tgz using standard-in as a file
find . -cmin -45 -type f -print0 | tar -cvzf ../../foo.tgz --null -T -
# Same as above however first searches for .nexus|.meta dir and prunes.
find . -not \( -name \.nexus -prune \) -not \( -name \.meta -prune \) -not \( -name central-m1 -prune \) -cmin -45 -type f -print0 | tar -cvzf ../../foo.tgz --null -T -