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Last active June 23, 2020 17:00
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View bag*
checkout -> Checkout summary
Checkout summary
buy -> Reserve stock
Reserve stock
Lock product*
locked -> Insert purchase record
failed -> Error
Insert purchase record
inserted -> Unlock product
failed -> Unlock product with Error
Create shipping mandate
not needed -> Unlock product
created -> Unlock product
failed -> Rollback
done -> Unlock product
Unlock product
unlocked -> User approve payment
Unlock product with Error
unlocked -> Error
User approve payment
approved -> Attempt to complete payment
not approved -> Cancel checkout
error -> Cancel checkout with Error
Attempt to complete payment
completed -> Checkout succeeded
indeterminate -> Attempt to complete payment
retryable error -> Attempt to complete payment
fatal error -> Cancel checkout with Error
Checkout succeeded
Broadcast event
Cancel checkout
cancelled -> View bag
Cancel checkout with Error
cancelled -> Error
function render(model){
let current_state_name = model.active_states[0].name;
return $("h1",
{style: {color: "darkBlue"}},
`The current state is: ${current_state_name}`);
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