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Created June 1, 2011 03:15
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adding event handler to the <html> element in IE<9 will crash jquery 1.5.2
* probably not good practice to attach event handlers to the <html> element but...
//IE < 9 throws operation not supported error just on property existence check (not function invocation)
typeof $('html')[0]; //"unknown"
$('html')[0].removeAttribute //throws operation not supported error
//jquery 1.5.2 lines 1503-1516
// Otherwise, we need to eliminate the expando on the node to avoid
// false lookups in the cache for entries that no longer exist
} else if ( isNode ) {
// IE does not allow us to delete expando properties from nodes,
// nor does it have a removeAttribute function on Document nodes;
// we must handle all of these cases
if ( ) {
delete elem[ jQuery.expando ];
} else if ( elem.removeAttribute ) { // <------------ blows up here
elem.removeAttribute( jQuery.expando );
} else {
elem[ jQuery.expando ] = null;
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jdalton commented Jun 1, 2011

I can't seem to reproduce this. I created a small test case here.

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jdalton commented Jun 1, 2011

Problems like this:

// try in IE
var div = document.createElement('div');
typeof div.offsetParent // unknown
div.offsetParent // boom!

have been address with something like an isHostType method.

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angus-c commented Jun 1, 2011

Yeah I can only reproduce it sporadically too. Need to do more digging. Thanks for the test case.

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