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Emulators, Immutability, and Time Travel


Racing the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System

This is the book that got me excited about emulation and got me thinking about some of these computers in general.

Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack

I read this around the same time. It talks at length about the audio capabilities of the NES, which I haven't touched on here but are interesting and influential!

Soft and Cuddly

A book about the ZX spectrum, one of the more unusual games for it, punk rock, and the Thatcher government.


Tool assisted speedruns. this one is especially interesting, as all of the tooling used for it was written in clojure!

NES emulation


The single most important resource. Has nearly every document I ended up using.

Synertek 6502 Manual

A more detailed treatment of some of the 6502 behaviours.

Visual 6502

A hardware-level simulator of the 6502.

Visual 2C02

A hardware-level simulator of the PPU.

Disassembled ROMs

[Super Mario Bros.]



An emulator I used as a reference Implementation.


An earlier attempt by another author in clojure rather than clojurescript.


My implementation. Currently under heavy development.

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