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Tech Initiatives for marginalized groups


##list of speakers



##Hackathons / Scholarships


Travel Grants

Free Coding Schools / Programs

Coding Schools / Programs (Students have to pay fees)

##Open Source Hacking Internships


  • alterconf
  • shesgeeky
  • writespeakcode
  • lesbianswhotech
  • girlgeekcon
  • blogher
  • blogging while brown
  • grace hopper celebration

##Other resources:

  • Who Did You Miss - Sample letters for pointing out an all-white-men-lineup at conferences and resources for organizers to create a more diverse conference.

  • Girls n' code - Tutorials, blog posts in german introducing beginners to the web

  • CallbackWomen - Promoting open CFPs of conferences, diversity scholarships, female tech speakers. Educating conference organizers about diversity and inclusiveness. Advocating for e.g. travel funding, speaker compensation, childcare, blind evalution processes.

  • One Web for All - One Web For All is a grassroots, non-profit organization helping businesses and individuals learn more about creating welcoming, inclusive cultures.

This is no exhaustive list, just a collection of some of the workshops/mailinglists I know of. Comments/Add-ons are super welcome!

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Write Speak Code:

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awesome, thanks <3

Copy link annual summer school in Germany

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Girl Develop It:
They are all over the USA with classes, workshops and a network of women in tech. They are awesome!

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there is also from vienna. they do really nice screencasts and the content is in german.

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<3 thanks all! also I've added resources from @cczona's version ( here.

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rennup commented Apr 26, 2015

THANK YOU!! Great work!

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rennup commented Apr 26, 2015

Something you might be interested in: :-)

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I also found this one just starting in Zagreb. Regarding scholarships/grants, the Python Software Foundation is open to sponsoring people who would like to attend a conference or organise an event and need some financial aid - especially for under-represented demographics. Cheers! :)

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Take a look look at / - Free IT clubs for kids

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@rennup: added, thanks! @Kermit666: so cool <3

@paulbrowne-irl: yes, i love coderdojo - just for this list i'm focussing on marginalized groups in tech. we should definitely start a list with initiatives for kids in tech.

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I'd like to suggest (from the UK) for the workshops.

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GeeH commented Apr 29, 2015

The Roave Foundation is taking submissions to help fund people to good events, and helping to promote diversity at tech events is important to us. Please feel free to submit.

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whoa, such cool initiatives! all added, thank you

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stuffmc commented May 6, 2015

I'm inviting the folks from to — we'll also screen their documentary. Does it qualify to enter in the list? Also, we have a special code "wwcode" that gives 30% from the Ticket price. Finally, I'm here because you (Anika) were recommended as a potential speaker from @orta :)

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They've a scholarship program in partnership with Google:

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We recently founded a student-run coding initiative. It sits somewhere between workshop and network. I'd be more than delighted to see us added to the list.

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svaksha commented Jun 3, 2015

Hi, I created and maintain a diversity index "50-DI" of grants, scholarships, travel bursary and/or financial aid offered to women (including those who identify as women in a way that's significant to them) from ALL around the world. I'll add your list there and anyone is free to file a PR for the different conferences and scholarship lists I maintain. Thanks.
Ref: svaksha/diversity-index#3

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kathaka commented Aug 15, 2015

heya! maybe
great list btw!

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Great list! Hear Me Code in D.C. is a great resource as well.

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imifos commented Oct 29, 2015


At the beginning "Java Duchesses France", but in the meantime multi-disciplinary. The young women are highly active in France, in press and on conferences. They also organise "speaker" training sessions for women in IT.

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"Tuition-free, year-long developer training academy for women located in Seattle, WA that includes a 5-month internship with a Seattle tech company":; twitter:

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Workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark

Codher is a "non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women introducing them to the world of technology."

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ghost commented May 10, 2017

ABI.Chicago, the local chapter of the Anita Borg Institute, offers free and low-cost programming workshops for adults for professional development. For more information, go to, join, and select Chicago. Membership is free. We are always looking for speakers & instructors too.

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There’s now also specifically about diversity & inclusion in the open source space. :)

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