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Pseudo Effect Via XML - After Effects Example XML by Animoplex
// Pseudo Effect Via XML - Example File
// Full Tutorial:
// Edit the PresetEffects.xml for your version of After Effects to add Pseudo Effects.
// XML File Location on Windows:
// Program Files > Adobe > After Effects (Version) > Support Files
// XML File Location on OSX:
// Apps > After Effects > Right-click After > “Show Contents” > Contents > Resources
// Backup the PresetEffects.xml file before making changes as a precaution.
// Copy and Paste code below BEFORE the last closing </Effects> tag in the XML File.
// Save the xml file, then restart After Effects.
<Effect matchname="Pseudo/YourCustomControl_v1" name="$$$/AE/Preset/YourCustomControlName=Your Custom Control Name">
<Slider name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomSliderName=Custom Slider Name" default="0" valid_min="-100" valid_max="100" slider_min="-10" slider_max="10" precision="2"/>
<Checkbox name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomCheckboxName=Custom Checkbox Name" checked="false"/>
<Color name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomColorName=Custom Color Name" default_red="255" default_green="0" default_blue="0"/>
<Group name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomGroupName=Custom Group Name">
<Layer name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomLayerName=Custom Layer Name" default_self="false"/>
<Point name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomPointName=Custom Point Name" default_x="0" default_y="0"/>
<Point3D name="$$$/AE/Preset/Custom3DPoint=Custom 3D Point" default_x="0" default_y="0" default_z="0"/>
<Popup name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomPopupName=Custom Popup Name" default="1" popup_string="Choose An Option|Selection A|Selection B|Selection C" CANNOT_TIME_VARY="true"/>
<Angle name="$$$/AE/Preset/CustomAngleName=Custom Angle Name" default="0"/>
// To Apply: File > Scripts > Open Script Editor, Copy, Paste, Click "Run" (Green Play Button)
// Edit the "Your Custom Control Name" to match the name at the end of the first line.
// Pseudo Effect will be applied to the first layer in the current composition.
app.project.activeItem.layer(1).effect.addProperty("Your Custom Control Name");
// Older versions of AE: Edit the "YourCustomControl_v1" to match your effect name at the beginning of the first line.
// app.project.activeItem.layer(1).effect.addProperty("Pseudo/YourCustomControl_v1");
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