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Project Euler Problem 11 Solution
# import numpy module for matrix operations
from numpy import *
# read the file with the matrix of numbers
filename = 'euler11.txt'
# store each line of the file into an array
with open(filename, "r") as ins:
array = []
for line in ins:
print array
# create a new array that converts the number strings into number integers
newArray = []
for i in array:
j = i.split(' ')
k = [int(n) for n in j]
print newArray
# convert the array of integers into a matrix of integers
problemMatrix = matrix(newArray)
print problemMatrix
# set initial maximum product to be a dummy number, say 1
maxProd = 1
# search all combinations for maximum product
for i in range(16):
for j in range(16):
prod1 = problemMatrix[i,j]*problemMatrix[i+1,j]*problemMatrix[i+2,j]*problemMatrix[i+3,j]
if prod1 > maxProd:
maxProd = prod1
prod2 = problemMatrix[i,j]*problemMatrix[i,j+1]*problemMatrix[i,j+2]*problemMatrix[i,j+3]
if prod2 > maxProd:
maxProd = prod2
prod3 = problemMatrix[i,j]*problemMatrix[i+1,j+1]*problemMatrix[i+2,j+2]*problemMatrix[i+3,j+3]
if prod3 > maxProd:
maxProd = prod3
prod4 = problemMatrix[19-i,j]*problemMatrix[18-i,j+1]*problemMatrix[17-i,j+2]*problemMatrix[16-i,j+3]
if prod4 > maxProd:
maxProd = prod4
print maxProd
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