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Project Euler Problem 12
# 28 is the first triangle number to have over five divisors.
# What is the value of the first triangle number to have over five hundred divisors?
from math import *
# Function to calculate divisors
def divisors(n):
limit = int(sqrt(n))
divisors_list = []
for i in range(1, limit+1, 1):
if n % i == 0:
if i != n/i:
return len(divisors_list)
# Function to check for triangle number
def isTriangleNumber(n):
a = int(sqrt(2*n))
return 0.5*a*(a+1) == n
# Function to calculate the last term of the series adding up to the triangle number
def lastTerm(n):
if isTriangleNumber(n):
return int(sqrt(2*n))
return None
# First number 'check' to have 500 divisors
check = 2**4 * 3**4 * 5**4 * 7 * 11
# Starting from 'check', iterate sequentially checking for the next 'triangle' number
while not isTriangleNumber(check):
check += 1
# Calculate the last term of the series ('seriesLastTerm') that adds up to the newly calculated triangle number 'check'
seriesLastTerm = lastTerm(check)
# Iterate over triangle numbers checking for divisors > 500
while divisors(check) <= 500:
# add the next term to check to get the next triangle number
check += (seriesLastTerm + 1)
seriesLastTerm += 1
print check
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