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Last active August 5, 2020 19:51
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Merge Sort Algorithm Implimentation
# Code for the merge subroutine
def merge(a,b):
""" Function to merge two arrays """
c = []
while len(a) != 0 and len(b) != 0:
if a[0] < b[0]:
if len(a) == 0:
c += b
c += a
return c
# Code for merge sort
def mergesort(x):
""" Function to sort an array using merge sort algorithm """
if len(x) == 0 or len(x) == 1:
return x
middle = len(x)/2
a = mergesort(x[:middle])
b = mergesort(x[middle:])
return merge(a,b)
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thank you, great implementation

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Great and simple implementation!

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On my python 3.6 line 26 is giving a float value who causes a raise. I added an int(...) to avoid it and it works fine.

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