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Basically breaks down the row containing the locations (separated by \n) into multiple rows
e.g. location field contain the following text and the script gives 4 rows for that, and copies the same id and title in all 4 rows
" - Banke (Nepalgunj)
- Dhanusa (Janakpur)
- Rupandehi (Bhairahawa)
- Sunsari (Inaruwa)"
import csv
import re
location = '- Sunsari (Inaruwa)'
first is district, second is name of town
def organiseLocation(location):
if '(' in location:
district, city = location.split('(');
district = district.replace("-","").strip();
city = city.replace(")","").strip();
return [district, city]
return location
outfile = open('ampdata-location.csv', 'w')
locwriter = csv.writer(outfile, delimiter=',',quotechar='"')
with open('ampdata-unorganised.csv', 'rU') as infile:
ampreader = csv.reader(infile, delimiter=',')
header = True;
locwriter.writerow(['AMP ID', 'Project Title', 'District', 'City'])
for row in ampreader:
if not header:
ampId = row[0]
projectTitle = row[1]
districts = row[6]
locations = districts.split('\n')
for location in locations:
if location.strip():
districtLoc = organiseLocation(location)
locwriter.writerow([ampId, projectTitle, districtLoc[0], districtLoc[1]]);
#location missing, so just write id and title
locwriter.writerow([ampId, projectTitle]);
header = False
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