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Andrew Kane ankane

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View emotion_recognition.rb
require "onnxruntime"
require "mini_magick"
img ="ranger.jpg")
img.crop "100x100+60+20", "-gravity", "center"
img.resize "64x64^", "-gravity", "center", "-extent", "64x64"
img.colorspace "Gray"
View artistic_style_transfer.rb
require "onnxruntime"
require "mini_magick"
require "numo/narray"
img ="images/32576677167_a066c5a7aa_z.jpg")
img.resize "448x448^", "-gravity", "center", "-extent", "448x448"
pixels = Numo::NArray[*img.get_pixels]
pixels = pixels.transpose(2, 0, 1)
pixels = pixels.expand_dims(0)
View detect_objects.rb
require "onnxruntime"
require "mini_magick"
img ="bears.jpg")
pixels = img.get_pixels
model ="model.onnx")
result = model.predict("image_tensor:0" => [pixels])
p result["num_detections:0"]

Devise email change notifications with encrypted attributes in Rails 5.2

Add to the Devise initializer:

config.send_email_changed_notification = true

Use this PR for attr_encrypted

View pickparams.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <math.h>
// Function, which calculates N, p and r from opslimit and memslimit copied from
// libsodium/crypto_pwhash/scryptsalsa208sha256/pwhash_scryptsalsa208sha256.c
int pickparams(unsigned long long opslimit, const size_t memlimit,
uint32_t *const N_log2, uint32_t *const p, uint32_t *const r) {
unsigned long long maxN;
unsigned long long maxrp;
View searchkick_repro.rb
require "bundler/inline"
gemfile do
source ""
gem "activerecord", require: "active_record"
gem "activejob", require: "active_job"
gem "sqlite3"
gem "searchkick", git: ""

Effective Engineer - Notes

What's an Effective Engineer?

  • They are the people who get things done. Effective Engineers produce results.

Adopt the Right Mindsets

ankane / time_zone_support.sql
Last active Nov 2, 2019
Time zone support for MySQL
View time_zone_support.sql
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
TRUNCATE TABLE time_zone_name;
TRUNCATE TABLE time_zone_transition;
TRUNCATE TABLE time_zone_transition_type;
INSERT INTO time_zone (Use_leap_seconds) VALUES ('N');
SET @time_zone_id= LAST_INSERT_ID();
INSERT INTO time_zone_name (Name, Time_zone_id) VALUES ('Africa/Abidjan', @time_zone_id);
INSERT INTO time_zone_transition (Time_zone_id, Transition_time, Transition_type_id) VALUES
View median.sql
-- median
CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION array_median(numeric[])
RETURNS numeric AS
WHEN array_upper($1,1) = 0 THEN null
WHEN mod(array_upper($1,1),2) = 1 THEN asorted[ceiling(array_upper(asorted,1)/2.0)]
ELSE ((asorted[ceiling(array_upper(asorted,1)/2.0)] + asorted[ceiling(array_upper(asorted,1)/2.0)+1])/2.0) END
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