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Online Banking App 2.0

Google Summer of Code 2018 Final Report

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Organisation: Mifos Initiative

Project Name: Online Banking App 2.0

Mentor: Raunak Sett

Project github repository link: develop branch

Commits made during GSoC: Pull Requests

Overview of Project:

  • Online Banking App (a.k.a web self-service app) which enables the end user to interact with their own data such as view/transact on the loans they hold, add beneficiaries, check charges etc. Data which is visible to the self-service user is the subset of Staff's can see. Not all the data is accessible to the user ( such as account notes, internal approval cycles).

During this GSoC period, I worked on adding additional features for the user's accessibility and better user experience.

Project Implementations

1. Transaction Graph to Dashboard PR link

  • Transaction graphs on the dashboard can be used by the user to track his/her transaction history. Transaction history graph can be generated for loan and savings accounts. transaction-graph2

  • Work left: API for viewing Shares Accounts isn't available so, transaction graphs are not available for shares accounts.

2. Registration for Self-service User PR link

  • This features allows the user to register themselves as a self-service user. registration

3. Survey User Interface PR link

  • This feature allows the user to take survey and view surveys. survey (Above shown GIF is prepared using fake data to show the working of the UI from community app. APIs are not available for survey)

  • Work Left: API for list of survey, taking survey and viewing survey isn't available yet. Need to integrate them once, they are available

4. Improved Responsiveness of App PR link

  • GIF: responsive_after2

5. Report View PR link

  • This allows the user to view the Reports. reports (Above shown GIF has used fake data for list of reports from community app )

  • Work Left: API for List of Reports is not available yet. Need to integrate it once, its available.

6. Pocket PR link

  • Pocket allows the user to store particular accounts to one place ( just like favourites) so, that he/she can access these accounts directly ( without going to accounts list and searching them). Accounts can be removed later as per users wish. pockets

  • Work Left: API for Pocket is not available yet. Need to integrate the feature with the API. Currently. the feature is being implemented using local storage.

7. Add/view guarantors PR link

  • Users can now add and view guarantors directly from the self-service app. guarantors

  • Work Left: API for adding and viewing guarantors isn't available it. Need to integrate it once, it is available.

8. Applying to new Savings and Shares accounts PR link

  • Users can now apply new Savings and Shares accounts from the web self-servie app. screenshot from 2018-08-10 17-30-28 screenshot from 2018-08-10 17-34-04
  • Work Left: APIs for applying for new Savings and Shares accounts are not available. Need to integrate them with the UI once, they are available.

9. Profile for user PR link

  • This feature allows the user to view their profile. profile

  • Work Left : API for editing user details isn't avaialable yet. Need to integrate it once, it is available.

10. Product detals for loan, savings and shares. PR link

  • This allows the user to get to know about the products so, that they can judge better between the products. 40681485-dd0932de-63a6-11e8-9e43-e0dd18835113 (Above image is generated using fake data to show the working of UI. API is not available for this. )

  • Work Left: API is not available for description of products (loan, savings and shares). Need to integrate it once it is available)

11. About and Help section. PR link 1 PR link 2

  • This allows the user to see the details of the organisation and check out FAQs. screenshot from 2018-07-25 17-46-42 screenshot from 2018-07-27 00-46-14

Other Works

  • Created user manual for Online Banking App 2.0 link
  • Created video for setting up the developer environment for Online Banking App. link

My GSoC Experience with Mifos Initiative

  • I had an amazing experience of working with Mifos Initiative. Again I would like to thanks Ed Cable and Raunak Sett for giving me this opportunity. The people in the organization are very friendly and understanding. One of the best things is the weekly meeting where we interns gave the report of our work and blockers we are facing so, that actions can be taken to remove those blockers for us. I am really looking forward to working with Mifos Initiative in the near future :)
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