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Singleton Pattern in JavaScript Going over the though process of implementing the same, with a minimal to an optimized route
//since there are no classes in javascript, every object is technically a singleton
//if you don't inherit from it or copy from it.
var single = {};
//Singleton Implementations
//Declaring as a Global are being judged!
var Logger = function() {
//global_log is/will be defined in GLOBAL scope here
if(typeof global_log === 'undefined'){
global_log = this;
return global_log;
//the below 'fix' solves the GLOABL variable problem but
//the log_instance is publicly available and thus can be
//tampered with.
function Logger() {
if(typeof Logger.log_instance === 'undefined'){
Logger.log_instance = this;
return Logger.log_instance;
//the correct way to do it to give it a closure!
function logFactory() {
var log_instance; //private instance
var _initLog = function() { //private init method
log_instance = 'initialized';
console.log("logger initialized!")
return {
getLog : function(){ //the 'privileged' method
if(typeof log_instance === 'undefined'){
return log_instance;
/***** TEST CODE ************************************************
//using the Logger singleton
var logger = logFactory();//did i just gave LogFactory a closure?
//create an instance of the logger
var a = logger.getLog();
//do some work
//get another instance of the logger
var b = logger.getLog();
//check if the two logger instances are same?
console.log(a === b); //true
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