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Last active Jul 23, 2022
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Privy Quickstart Demo
import {PrivyClient} from '@privy-io/privy-node';
const PRIVY_API_KEY = '<retrieved from the Privy console>';
const PRIVY_API_SECRET = '<retrieved from the Privy console>';
export default async function quickstart() {
const client = new PrivyClient(PRIVY_API_KEY, PRIVY_API_SECRET);
await client.put('0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B', 'first-name', 'Vitalik');
const result = await client.get('0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B', 'first-name');
console.log(result.text()); // Vitalik
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