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from airflow.models import DagModel, TaskInstance, DagRun
from airflow.utils.decorators import apply_defaults
from airflow.operators.dagrun_operator import TriggerDagRunOperator
from airflow.sensors.base_sensor_operator import BaseSensorOperator
from airflow.utils.db import provide_session
class WaitForCompletion(BaseSensorOperator):
Waits for a different DAG or a task in a different DAG to complete
:param external_dag_id: The dag_id that contains the task you want to wait for
:type external_dag_id: str
:param external_task_id: The task_id that contains the task you want to wait for.
:type external_task_id: str or None
:param check_existence: Set to `True` to check if the external task exists (when
external_task_id is not None) or check if the DAG to wait for exists (when
external_task_id is None), and immediately cease waiting if the external task
or DAG does not exist (default value: False).
:type check_existence: bool
template_fields = ['external_dag_id', 'external_task_id']
ui_color = '#4287f5'
def __init__(self, external_dag_id, external_task_id=None, *args, **kwargs):
super(WaitForCompletion, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.external_dag_id = external_dag_id
self.external_task_id = external_task_id
def poke(self, session=None):
ti = TaskInstance
dr = DagRun'Poking for %s.%s ... ',
state_of_triggerred_dag = (session.query(ti.state)
.join(dr, (dr.dag_id == ti.dag_id and
dr.execution_date == ti.execution_date))
.filter(ti.dag_id == self.external_dag_id,
ti.task_id == self.external_task_id,
return state_of_triggerred_dag == 'success'
def trigger_dag(task_id, trigger_dag_id, wait_for_task='finish',
poke_interval=1, timeout=1800,
trigger_rule="all_success", on_failure_callback=None):
Trigger a child DAG from parent DAG
:param task_id: ideally name it the same as the child DAG you want to trigger
:param trigger_dag_id: exact ID (name) of the DAG you want to trigger
:param wait_for_task: by default set to the DummyOperator task finish
- change it if you use a different task
as your last task within the child DAG
:param poke_interval: by default poke for every second
:param timeout: after half an hour - assumption that no task would run
longer than that - adjust if needed
:param trigger_rule: by default all_success, you can change it do all_done
if you want that it runs regardless of successful or not
:param on_failure_callback: function to call on failure
:return: dag_to_trigger, wait_task
dag_to_trigger = TriggerDagRunOperator(task_id=task_id,
wait_task = WaitForCompletion(task_id=f'wait_for_{task_id}',
return dag_to_trigger, wait_task
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