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Debugging Clojure/Vagrant for 7 concurrency models in 7 weeks
I am trying to replicate an example from this book:
Running the below commands in a lein repl.
In the book, the second `parallel-sum` function executes 2.5x as fast as `sum` but on my Vagrant box (which has 4 cores, and demonstrates other parallelised code having a speed up effect) the two functions take pretty much the same time every time. My Vagrantfile is here
This works in a non-Vagrant Clojure environment, i.e parallel-sum runs much faster.
So, what should I do differently in Vagrant to get it to work?
(ns sum.core
(:require [clojure.core.reducers :as r]))
(defn sum [numbers]
(reduce + numbers))
(defn parallel-sum [numbers]
(r/fold + numbers))
(def numbers (into [] (range 0 10000000)))
(time (sum numbers))
(time (sum numbers))
(time (parallel-sum numbers))
(time (parallel-sum numbers))
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⚠️ The above examples are only ran 1 time each, I don't pretend to present any concurrency benchmarking, but demonstrate that GC impact is tremendous and can prevent to compare parallelism gains.

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