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@annawoodard annawoodard/
Created Feb 17, 2017

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EFT model
import os
import re
import numpy as np
from numpy.polynomial import Polynomial
import ROOT
from HiggsAnalysis.CombinedLimit.PhysicsModel import PhysicsModel
from HiggsAnalysis.CombinedLimit.SMHiggsBuilder import SMHiggsBuilder
class EffectiveOperatorModel(PhysicsModel):
def setPhysicsOptions(self, options):
self.pois = []
self.processes = []
for option, value in [x.split('=') for x in options]:
if option == 'poi':
if option == 'process': # processes which will be scaled
if option == 'data': = value
if option == 'plots':
self.plots = value
def setup(self):
info = np.load([()]
for process in self.processes:
coefficients = info[process]['coefficients']
cross_section = info[process]['cross section']
sm_coefficients = np.array([tuple([0.0] * len(coefficients.dtype))], dtype=coefficients.dtype)
sm_cross_section = np.mean(cross_section[coefficients == sm_coefficients])
functions = []
for poi in self.pois:
x = self.modelBuilder.out.var(poi)
name = 'x_sec_{0}_{1}'.format(process, poi)
if not self.modelBuilder.out.function(name):
functions += [name]
xi = coefficients[poi][coefficients[poi] != 0]
yi = cross_section[coefficients[poi] != 0] / sm_cross_section
fit =, yi, 2)
template = "expr::{name}('{a0} + ({a1} * {poi}) + ({a2} * {poi} * {poi})', {poi})"
quadratic = self.modelBuilder.factory_(template.format(name=name, a0=fit.coef[0], a1=fit.coef[1], a2=fit.coef[2], poi=poi))
self.modelBuilder.factory_('sum::x_sec_{0}({1})'.format(process, ', '.join(functions)))
def doParametersOfInterest(self):
for poi in self.pois:
self.modelBuilder.doVar('{0}[0, -1, 1]'.format(poi))
self.modelBuilder.doSet('POI', ','.join(self.pois))
def getYieldScale(self, bin, process):
if process not in self.processes:
return 1
name = 'r_{0}'.format(process)
return name
eff_op = EffectiveOperatorModel()
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