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from collections import defaultdict
import os
import re
import numpy as np
import ROOT
from rootpy.plotting import Hist, HistStack, Legend, Canvas
from import get_style, set_style
from rootpy.plotting.utils import draw
from import CMS_label
workdir = '/afs/'
if not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(workdir, 'plots', 'fit')):
os.makedirs(os.path.join(workdir, 'plots', 'fit'))
labels = {
'ttZ': 't#bar{t}Z',
'WZ': 'WZ',
'ttX': 't#bar{t}X',
'rare': 'rare',
'ttW': 't#bar{t}W',
'ttH': 't#bar{t}H',
'charge': 'charge',
'ZZ': 'ZZ',
'Fake': 'nonprompt',
'fake': 'nonprompt'
colors = {
'ttZ': 91,
'WZ': 51,
'ttH': 'saddlebrown',
'rare': 8,
'ttW': '#006517',
'ttX': '#FF3119',
'charge': 'darkgray',
'ZZ': 'orchid',
'Fake': '#9196fa',
'fake': '#9196fa'
analyses = {
'2l': {
'bins': [
'ch1', 'ch2', 'ch13', 'ch17', 'ch18',
'ch19', 'ch20', 'ch21', 'ch22', 'ch23',
'ch3', 'ch4', 'ch5', 'ch6', 'ch7',
'ch8', 'ch9', 'ch10', 'ch11', 'ch12'
'processes': ['ttW', 'Fake', 'charge', 'ttH', 'ttX', 'rare', 'WZ'],
'labels': ['2j', '3j1bj', '3j#geq2bj', '#geq4j1bj', '#geq4j2bj'] * 4,
'prefix': 'ch2_'
'2l-cr': {
'bins': ['ch16', 'ch14', 'ch15'],
'processes': ['ttW', 'Fake', 'charge', 'ttH', 'ttX', 'rare', 'WZ'],
'labels': ['BDT<0, 2J', 'BDT<0, 3J', 'BDT<0, #geq4J'],
'prefix': 'ch2_'
'3l': {
'bins': ['ch1', 'ch2', 'ch3', 'ch4', 'ch5', 'ch6', 'ch7', 'ch8', 'ch9'],
'processes': ['Fake', 'rare', 'WZ', 'ttX', 'ttH', 'ttZ'],
'labels': ['nB0, nJ2', 'nB0, nJ3', 'nB0, nJ#geq4', 'nB1, nJ2', 'nB1, nJ3', 'nB1,nJ#geq4', 'nB#geq2,nJ2',
'nB#geq2,nJ3', 'nB#geq2,nJ#geq4'],
'prefix': 'ch1_ch1_'
'4l': {
'bins': ['B0', 'B1'],
'processes': ['fake', 'rare', 'ttX', 'ttH', 'ttZ', 'ZZ'],
'labels': ['0', '#geq1'],
'prefix': 'ch1_ch2_'
def make_plot(tag, analysis, postfit=True, eft=None, width=1000, **kwargs):
bins = analyses[analysis]['bins']
processes = analyses[analysis]['processes']
prefix = '' if (tag in analyses) else analyses[analysis]['prefix'] # prefix is added when combining cards
binlabels = analyses[analysis]['labels']
if postfit:
fit_name = 'fit_s' if (tag == 'ttZ' or (tag in analyses)) else 'fit'
else: # we need the SM version for pre-fit, because MultiDimFit doesn't save the prefit result
fit_name = 'nuisances_prefit_res'
file = ROOT.TFile(os.path.join(workdir, 'workspaces', '{}.root'.format(tag)))
workspace = file.Get('w')
file = ROOT.TFile(os.path.join(workdir, 'fit-result-{}.root'.format(tag)))
fit = file.Get(fit_name)
pars = fit.floatParsFinal()
workspace.saveSnapshot("snapshot", ROOT.RooArgSet(pars), ROOT.kTRUE)
histos = []
normalizations = defaultdict(list)
for process in processes:
histo = Hist(len(bins), 0, len(bins), title=labels[process], drawstyle='hist', markersize=0, legendstyle='F')
histo.fillstyle = 'solid'
histo.fillcolor = colors[process]
histo.linecolor = colors[process]
histo.linewidth = 0
for i, bin in enumerate(bins):
name = 'n_exp_bin{}_proc_{}'.format(prefix + bin, process)
normalization = workspace.function(name)
histo.SetBinContent(i + 1, normalization.getVal())
histo.xaxis.SetBinLabel(i + 1, binlabels[i])
histos.sort(key=lambda x: x.Integral(), reverse=True) # biggest at the bottom, smallest at the top
mc = HistStack(histos)
uncertainties = Hist(len(bins), 0, len(bins), title='uncertainties', drawstyle='e2', markerstyle=1, legendstyle='F')
uncertainties.fillstyle = '\\'
uncertainties.fillcolor = 'gray'
for i, bin in enumerate(bins):
name = 'total_mc_{}'.format(prefix + bin)
workspace.factory('sum::{}({})'.format(name, ', '.join(normalizations[bin])))
total = workspace.function(name)
uncertainties.SetBinContent(i + 1, total.getVal())
uncertainties.SetBinError(i + 1, total.getPropagatedError(fit))
data_obs ='data_obs')
data = Hist(len(bins), 0, len(bins), title='data', drawstyle='E1 X0', legendstyle='LEP')
indices = dict(((b, v) for v, b in enumerate(bins))) # sometimes bins aren't plotted in ascending order
for i in range(data_obs.numEntries()):
observed = data_obs.sumEntries("CMS_channel == {}".format(i))
bin = data_obs.get(i).getCatLabel("CMS_channel").replace(prefix, '')
if bin in bins:
data.SetBinContent(indices[bin] + 1, observed)
data.SetBinError(indices[bin] + 1, np.sqrt(observed))
style = get_style('cmstdr')
canvas = Canvas(width=width, height=600)
draw([mc, uncertainties, data], ytitle='Events', xdivisions=len(bins) + 1, **kwargs)
legend = Legend(histos + [data, uncertainties], rightmargin=0.03, leftmargin=0.09, entryheight=0.001)
CMS_label("", lumi=35.9)
name = '{}fit_{}_{}.pdf'.format(
'post' if postfit else 'pre',
eft if eft else tag
canvas.Print(os.path.join(workdir, 'plots', 'fit', name))
make_plot('2l', '2l', ylimits=(0, 80))
make_plot('2l', '2l-cr', ylimits=(0, 80))
make_plot('ttZ', '3l', ylimits=(0.5, 6000), logy=True)
make_plot('ttZ', '4l', ylimits=(0, 40), xtitle='b-jet multiplicity')
# make_plot('2d', '2l')
# make_plot('2d', '2l-cr', ylimits=(0, 350))
# make_plot('2d', '3l', ylimits=(0.5, 6000), logy=True)
# make_plot('2d', '4l', xtitle='b-jet multiplicity')
# for coefficient in ['cu', 'cHu', 'cuW', 'cuB']:
# make_plot(coefficient, '2l', eft=coefficient)
# make_plot(coefficient, '2l-cr', eft=coefficient, ylimits=(0, 350))
# make_plot(coefficient, '3l', eft=coefficient, ylimits=(0.5, 6000), logy=True)
# make_plot(coefficient, '4l', eft=coefficient, xtitle='b-jet multiplicity')
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