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GSoC 2017 Final Report

Basic Info

Name: Animesh Kashyap (annimesh2809)

Proposal: Implementing multiple image segmentation algorithms in pure Julia (link)

Mentor: Tim Holy (timholy)

Organization: The Julia Language

Category: Package

Major repository for the work: ImageSegmentation.jl

Completed tasks

Tasks Related PRs/Issues Status
Seeded Region Growing PR #1 Merged
Unseeded Region Growing PR #2 Merged
Fast Scanning algorithm PR #5 Merged
Utility functions PR #7 Merged
Region Splitting PR #10 Merged
Clustering based algorithms PR #11 Merged
Accessor functions PR #13 Merged
Fuzzy C Means PR #89 Merged
Fix for kmeans PR #92 Merged
Documentation PR #17 Merged

Proposed algorithms and status

  • Seeded Region Growing
  • Unseeded Region Growing
  • Fast scanning
  • Region splitting
  • Kmeans
  • Fuzzy C Means
  • Documentation


  • Utility functions
  • Accessor functions

Here is a link to the documentation of the specified algorithms:

This documentation was written collaboratively by me and Tejus Gupta (tejus-gupta).

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