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anonymous /simpl_2015_slim_6.ino
Created Sep 21, 2015

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SIMPL - Minimal Interpreted Programming language
// A Serial Interpreted Minimal Programming Language
// Inspired by Txtzyme - by Ward Cunningham
// Filename simpl_2015_slim_6
// This is the slim verasion of simpl that removes most of the Arduino specific routines - saving almost 1800 bytes
// Some fixed "Musical Tones"
// 40{1o1106u0o1106u} // A 440 Hz
// 45{1o986u0o986u} // B 493.88 Hz
// 51{1o929u0o929u} // C 523.25 Hz
// 57{1o825u0o825u} // D 587.33 Hz
// 64{1o733u0o733u} // E 659.26 Hz
// 72{1o690u0o691u} // F 698.46 Hz
// 81{1o613u0o613u} // G 783.99 HZ
// SIMPL compiles in under 4.8K - leaving lots of room for other stuff
// The core kernel is only 2k bytes
// SIMPL allows new words to be defined by preceding them with colon : (Like Forth)
// New words use CAPITALS - so 26 words are possible in the user's vocabulary
// Words A-F have been predefined as musical tones - but you can write over them
// A word can be a maximum of 48 characters long
// Type ? to get a list off all defined words
#define F_CPU 16000000UL // define the clock frequency as 16MHz
#define BAUD 115200
#include <util/setbaud.h> // Set up the Uart baud rate generator
#define bufRead(addr) (*(unsigned char *)(addr))
#define bufWrite(addr, b) (*(unsigned char *)(addr) = (b))
// This character array is used to hold the User's words
char array[26][48] = { // Define a 26 x 48 array for the colon definitions
{"_Hello World, and welcome to SIMPL_"},
{"_This is a test message - about 48 characters_
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