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Created Feb 27, 2017
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// Specify scene file path
String filePath = "/hello/world/flashback";
String sceneName = "playbackMe";
SceneMode sceneMode = SceneMode.RECORD;
String proxyHost = "localhost";
int port = 1234;
//This three fields are required to record/playback Https traffic
InputStream rootCertificateInputStream = ...;
String rootCertificatePassphrase = "";
CertificateAuthority certificateAuthority = ...;
// Create scene config which contains most of scene properties
SceneConfiguration sceneConfiguration = new SceneConfiguration(filePath, sceneMode, sceneName);
// Initialize FlashbackRunner with Scene, MatchRule etc
try (FlashbackRunner flashbackRunner = new FlashbackRunner.Builder()
new SceneAccessLayer(SceneFactory.create(sceneConfiguration), MatchRuleUtils.matchEntireRequest()))
.build()) {
//Write client code below
//Before you start, make sure client code is running in the process that
//point to trust store which can trust certificate that signd by CA certificate
//you created.
System.setProperty("", "dummy cert store");
System.setProperty("", "dummy password");
//Client code can be as simple as any standard Http call. I use Apache HttpClient as an example.
//Just make sure your request go through proxy that we specified above(host, port)
HttpHost host = new HttpHost(proxyHost, port);
String url = "";
HttpClient client = HttpClientBuilder.create().setProxy(host).build();
HttpGet request = new HttpGet(url);
HttpResponse httpResponse = client.execute(request);
//End of client code
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