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Created Apr 16, 2014

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listener from tor-weather
A module for listening to Tor for new consensus events. When one occurs,
initializes the checker/updater cascade in the updaters module.
import logging
from config import config
from weatherapp import updaters
from stem.control import EventType, Controller
import time
#very basic log setup
logging.basicConfig(format = '%(asctime) - 15s (%(process)d) %(message)s',
level = logging.DEBUG, filename = 'log/weather.log')
def newconsensus_listener(event):
Call C{updaters.run_all()} when a NEWCONSENSUS event is received.
@param event: The NEWCONSENSUS event. Not used by the function.
"""'Got a new consensus. Updating router table and ' + \
'checking all subscriptions.')
def listen():
"""Sets up a connection to Tor and initializes a controller to listen for
new consensus events.
ctrl = Controller.from_port(port = config.control_port)
ctrl.add_event_listener(newconsensus_listener, EventType.NEWCONSENSUS)
print 'Listening for new consensus events.''Listening for new consensus events.')
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