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anonymous /index.php
Created Oct 18, 2011

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Expose Slim urlFor to Twig
// Wrapper function to access urlFor.
function slim_url_for($name, $params = array()) {
return Slim::getInstance()->urlFor($name, $params);
// Setup Twig.
TwigView::$twigDirectory = '/path/to/twig/';
// Expose urlFor to Twig.
$view = new TwigView;
$twig = $view->getEnvironment();
$twig->addFunction('url', new Twig_Function_Function('slim_url_for'));
// Setup Slim.
$app = new Slim(array('view' => new TwigView));
// Create a named route.
$app->get('/article/(:id)', function($id) {
// Your logic here.
* In your templates you can now the following code to generate the URL:
* {{ url('article_view', { 'id': }) }}
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