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/gist:15153117bc1e87619424 Secret

Created Dec 17, 2015
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export NDEBUG=; \
export BUILD_TYPE=debug; \
make apk
make[1]: Entering directory 'minetest/build/android'
nothing to be done for freetype
nothing to be done for iconv
nothing to be done for leveldb
nothing to be done for openal
nothing to be done for libogg/libvorbis
changed timestamp for irrlicht detected building...
nothing to be done for gmp
nothing to be done for openssl
changed timestamp for curl detected building...
WARNING: The shell running this script isn't bash. Although we try to avoid bashism in scripts, things can happen.
Invalid toolchain name: arm-linux-androideabi-4.9
Please use --toolchain=<name> with the name of a toolchain supported by the source NDK.
Try one of: arm-linux-androideabi-4.6 arm-linux-androideabi-4.8 arm-linux-androideabi-clang3.3 arm-linux-androideabi-clang3.4 llvm-3.3 llvm-3.4 mipsel-linux-android-4.6 mipsel-linux-android-4.8 mipsel-linux-android-clang3.3 mipsel-linux-android-clang3.4 renderscript x86-4.6 x86-4.8 x86-clang3.3 x86-clang3.4
/bin/sh: 29: ./configure: not found
make[2]: Entering directory 'minetest/build/android/deps/curl-7.46.0'
make[2]: *** Keine Targets angegeben und keine »make«-Steuerdatei gefunden. Schluss.
make[2]: Leaving directory 'minetest/build/android/deps/curl-7.46.0'
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