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anonymous /test.tex
Created Dec 29, 2011

Testing newlablst.sty
\section{Table of Contents}\label{toc}
The \verb-\tableofcontents- command produces table of contents.
\subsection{List of figures\label{list} and Tables}\label{lof}
The commands \verb-\listoffigures- and \verb-\listoftables- produce
list of figures and list of tables, respectively.
\section{Cross Referencing}
You can assign a \textit{key} of your choice to a \verb-figure-, a \verb-table-,
an \verb-equation-, \verb-equation array-, \verb-enumerate-, \verb-theorems-
or a \verb-section-. The key is assigned a number by the \verb-\label- command
and the number is printed by the \verb-\ref- command. For example,
``see section~\ref{toc} for table of contents" can be produced by
\verb-see section~\ref{toc} for table of contents-. \verb-toc- is the key assigned
to section 1 by \verb-\label{toc}-.
\subsection*{labeling words}
You can label a word with a key and refer to it back using \verb-\pageref- command.
For example, the list of figures sub-section appears on page~\pageref{list}.
Leslie Lamport,
\emph{\LaTeX: A Document Preparation System}.
Addison Wesley, Massachusetts,
2nd Edition,
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