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Created Jan 15, 2012

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autofs executabel for mounting nfs shares: /etc/
# This file must be executable to work! chmod 755!
# Look at what a host is exporting to determine what we can mount.
# This is very simple, but it appears to work surprisingly well
# add "nosymlink" here if you want to suppress symlinking local filesystems
# add "nonstrict" to make it OK for some filesystems to not mount
# choose one of the two lines below depending on the NFS version in your
# environment
# Showmount comes in a number of names and varieties. "showmount" is
# typically an older version which accepts the '--no-headers' flag
# but ignores it. "kshowmount" is the newer version installed with knfsd,
# which both accepts and acts on the '--no-headers' flag.
#SHOWMOUNT="kshowmount --no-headers -e $key"
#SHOWMOUNT="showmount -e $key | tail -n +2"
for P in /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin
for M in showmount kshowmount
if [ -x $P/$M ]
[ -x $SMNT ] || exit 1
# Newer distributions get this right
SHOWMOUNT="$SMNT --no-headers -e $key"
$SHOWMOUNT | LC_ALL=C sort -k 1 | \
awk -v key="$key" -v opts="$opts" -- '
BEGIN { ORS=""; first=1 }
{ if (first) { print opts; first=0 }; print " \\\n\t" $1, key ":" $1 }
END { if (!first) print "\n"; else exit 1 }
' | sed 's/#/\\#/g'
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