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Configuration for DAVDroid with iCloud
First it's important to find the right server which holds your icloud account.
Go to and log in. Open the calendar and on the right of the name of your calendar(s), you will see the 'share' icon. Click it.
If you then check the 'Public calendar' option, you will see the URL needed to share. This will be something like: webcal:// where the pxx in the beginning is different for all
you then create a new account on your Android with DAVdroid.
You will need to create an account for your contacts and a different one for your calendars.
URL's are these:
You can choose which adressbook or calendar you sync.

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@daniellevdw daniellevdw commented Jan 29, 2014

Confirmed: This is works perfect!

Having a mac with icloud + a open-free-software (as possible) android phone without g-apps?
DAVDroid is a very nice and smooth app to sync (both ways) contacts and calendar almost immediately as you make a new event.



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@flaxton flaxton commented Apr 16, 2015

OK, I determined (not by the above method - there is no such "Share" button) by looking at the ~/Library/Preferences/MobileMeAccounts.plist file that I am using server p02, so I tried Base URL: and still get "HTTP error: 401 Unauthorized"...

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