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Created Dec 12, 2016
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SceneConfiguration sceneConfiguration = new SceneConfiguration(rootPath1, sceneMode, sceneName1);
try (FlashbackRunner flashbackRunner = new FlashbackRunner.Builder().mode(sceneMode).host(host).port(port).sceneAccessLayer(
new SceneAccessLayer(SceneFactory.create(sceneConfiguration), matchRule)).build()) {
//make http request call
sceneConfiguration = new SceneConfiguration(rootPath2, sceneMode, sceneName2);
//make http request call again.
sceneConfiguration = new SceneConfiguration(rootPath3, sceneMode, sceneName3);
//In record mode, after recording is done, the same Http transaction will be stored in multiple files(in our case, we will get 3 files):
//rootPath1/scene1, rootPath2/scene2 and rootPath3/scene3
//In replay mode, the response will be coming from those multiple different files(3 files in our case).
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