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Show the AST of a translation unit with libclang and python
# inspired by
import sys
import clang.cindex
def verbose(*args, **kwargs):
'''filter predicate for show_ast: show all'''
return True
def no_system_includes(cursor, level):
'''filter predicate for show_ast: filter out verbose stuff from system include files'''
return (level!= 1) or (cursor.location.file is not None and not'/usr/include'))
# A function show(level, *args) would have been simpler but less fun
# and you'd need a separate parameter for the AST walkers if you want it to be exchangeable.
class Level(int):
'''represent currently visited level of a tree'''
def show(self, *args):
'''pretty print an indented line'''
print '\t'*self + ' '.join(map(str, args))
def __add__(self, inc):
'''increase level'''
return Level(super(Level, self).__add__(inc))
def is_valid_type(t):
'''used to check if a cursor has a type'''
return t.kind != clang.cindex.TypeKind.INVALID
def qualifiers(t):
'''set of qualifiers of a type'''
q = set()
if t.is_const_qualified(): q.add('const')
if t.is_volatile_qualified(): q.add('volatile')
if t.is_restrict_qualified(): q.add('restrict')
return q
def show_type(t, level, title):
'''pretty print type AST''', str(t.kind), ' '.join(qualifiers(t)))
if is_valid_type(t.get_pointee()):
show_type(t.get_pointee(), level+1, 'points to:')
def show_ast(cursor, filter_pred=verbose, level=Level()):
'''pretty print cursor AST'''
if filter_pred(cursor, level):, cursor.spelling, cursor.displayname, cursor.location)
if is_valid_type(cursor.type):
show_type(cursor.type, level+1, 'type:')
show_type(cursor.type.get_canonical(), level+1, 'canonical type:')
for c in cursor.get_children():
show_ast(c, filter_pred, level+1)
if __name__ == '__main__':
index = clang.cindex.Index.create()
tu = index.parse(sys.argv[1])
print 'Translation unit:', tu.spelling
for f in tu.get_includes():
print '\t'*f.depth,
show_ast(tu.cursor, no_system_includes)

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commented May 12, 2017

Can I parse a code into expressions (and not cindex) using this parse function? I want to parse a c code and add the Opcode of operations to AST. I figured out how to extract opcode from expressions but don't know how to parse a code to get to expressions.

Thanks in advance!

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