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Created May 1, 2012

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<doc_gt7> Question: On Shop -> Subscription, at the bottom there a field for: Execute on subscription that runs a perl script when purchased. Is
+there a way to pass the userId, payment amount, or any other details to this script?
> if something isn't computational intractable, then there is always a way.
> that way often involves code modifications, though.
> computationally
> and that looks to be the case here.
> patches welcome. I agree, this should be passing some useful arguments.
> line 85 of WebGUI/Asset/Sku/Subscription is system($command) if ($self>get('executeOnSubscription') ne "");
> that's after macros are expanded. I guess macros could pick out the username and you could depend on shell expansion to do the right thing.
> that's a security minefield, but you could do that.
> I'd personally rather see system($command, $user->getId, $self->getId, etc, etc)
> ^#; in the executeOnSubscription string should do the trick.
> for userId. payment amount... not so much. but you could probably tease that out of the database.
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