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Created Feb 1, 2018

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from Game.Player import Player
from Game.Context import Context
from Game.Bet import Bet
from Game.Const import Const
def eprint(*args, **kwargs):
print(*args, file=sys.stderr, **kwargs)
class SocialPlayer(Player):
def getSteemUser(self):
return "@grungealpha"
signature = [
def friendlyMove(self, context, friends, roundIndex):
if (len(friends) > 4): # Nearly impossible, but worth trying
return Bet.ALLIN
if (len(friends) > 2):
if ( == self.bestInLine(friends)):
return Bet.NOTHING
return Bet.ALLIN
# if not enough friends found, play it safe
return Bet.NOTHING
def isFriend(self, playerContext, roundIndex):
if (playerContext.previousMoves[0:len(self.signature)] != self.signature):
return False
return True
def bestInLine(self, players):
best = players[0]
for p in players:
if (p.wealth > best.wealth):
best = p
if (p.wealth == best.wealth and <
best = p
def think(self, context):
# First few rounds: play signature so that friends will idenify me
if (context.roundIndex < len(self.signature)):
return self.signature[context.roundIndex]
# then count friends and coordinate if it's worth it
friends = list(filter(lambda p:self.isFriend(p, context.roundIndex), context.playerContexts.values()))
move = self.friendlyMove(context, friends, context.roundIndex)
return move
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