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Created May 15, 2012
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$ setxkbmap -print -verbose 10
Setting verbose level to 10
locale is C
Trying to load rules file ./rules/evdev...
Trying to load rules file /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev...
Applied rules from evdev:
rules: evdev
model: evdev
layout: de
Trying to build keymap using the following components:
keycodes: evdev+aliases(qwertz)
types: complete
compat: complete
symbols: pc+de+inet(evdev)
geometry: pc(pc104)
xkb_keymap {
xkb_keycodes { include "evdev+aliases(qwertz)" };
xkb_types { include "complete" };
xkb_compat { include "complete" };
xkb_symbols { include "pc+de+inet(evdev)" };
xkb_geometry { include "pc(pc104)" };
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